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Supplier Directory

Supplier Directory

List your company in the industry’s most comprehensive directory, organized by category, on and in the back of The New Brewer, the Association's bi-monthly publication which 11,500+ industry professionals turn to for the advice and knowledge they need to succeed.

Circulation via The New Brewer: 14,000 | Page Views per Month: 3,000+

Listing is $300 for the first category and $175 for each additional category for a full year. BA members regularly refer to this directory to find new resources, suppliers, business partners and more. 

Want to be listed?

For a nominal yearly fee, your company can be listed and recognized as a reliable industry supplier.  Contact us today, or simply fill out the Supplier Directory Insertion Order Form and fax (+1.303.217.5269) it back to us.

Advertising Policy

The Brewers Association is a trade association representing America's small and independent breweries. As such it is important for the BA to adhere to advertising standards and guidelines for its members.

The Supplier Directory is subject to the The New Brewer Advertising Policy

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Business Development Managers for Advertising & Sponsorship

Kari Harrington
Phone: 303.447.0816 x167
Chris Pryor
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