Brewers Association

Brewers Association Recognition Award

The Brewers Association Recognition Award is presented each year to an individual or company whose inspiration, enthusiasm and support have contributed to the brewpub and microbrewery movement.


The call for nominations is announced on the Brewers Association Forum and begins approximately three months before the Craft Brewers Conference. The Brewers Association Board of Directors votes to determine the winner.


2014 - Teri Fahrendorf, Founder of Pink Boots Society
2013 - Art Larrance, Cascade Brewing/Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub
2012 - Doug Odell, Wynne Odell and Corkie Odell, Odell Brewing Co.
2011 - John McDonald, Boulevard Brewing Co.
2010 - Larry Bell, Bell's Brewery, Inc.
2009 - Ken Allen, Anderson Valley Brewing Co.
2008 - Dr. Michael Lewis, U.C. Davis 
2007 - Jack McAuliffe, New Albion Brewing Co.
2006 - Chuck Skypeck, Boscos Brewing Co.
2005 - Carol Stoudt, Stoudts Brewing Company
2004 - Jack Joyce, Rogue Ales
2003 - Mary-Anne Gruber, Briess Malting Co.
2002 - George Fix, Clemson University
2001 - Jim and Bobbie Kennedy, Admiralty Beverage Russell
2000 - Ralph Olson and Ralph Woodall, Hopunion CBS, LLC
1999 - Bill Owens, American Brewer Magazine
1998 - Charles Finkel, Merchant du Vin
1997 - Jim Koch and Rhonda Kallman, Boston Beer Co.
1996 - Karl Strauss, Karl M. Strauss Consulting
1995 - John Hickenlooper and Russell Schehrer, Wynkoop Brewing Co.
1994 - Fred Scheer, Frankenmuth Brewery
1993 - Jeff Mendel, Institute for Brewing Studies
1992 - Paul Shipman, Red Hook Ale Brewery
1991 - Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
1990 - Bert Grant, Yakima Brewing and Malting
1989 - Roger Briess, Briess Malting Co.
1988 - Fritz Maytag, Anchor Brewing Co.
1987 - Michael Jackson

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