Now Available: 2014 World Harvest Report Issue of the New Brewer

The fall harvest season recently wrapped up, which means it’s time for our annual Raw Materials issue of The New Brewer (November/December 2014). The timing of this issue is always tricky, as our copy deadlines fall in the middle of the hop and barley harvests, but we’ve compiled the timeliest information possible for this annual report.

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Here’s a look at some of the features you’ll find in this issue:

2014 World Barley and Hops Harvest Reports

A comprehensive look at the 2014 hops and barley harvests, broken out into regions. First up: how shifting demand for hop varieties has led to replanting in the U.S. Cascade is now the most widely planted variety in the Pacific Northwest, commanding 17 percent of the total acreage. Also, rain took a toll on the North American barley harvest in 2014. By Ann George, Scott Heisel, Michael Brophy, Horst Dornbusch, Georg Drexler, and Walter Konig

Groundnbreaking: Cultivating New Hop VarietiesGroundbreaking: Cultivating New Hop Varieties

More new varieties are on the way, including plenty from other hop growing countries and some from parts of the U.S. where farmers only recently began growing hops. The public breeding programs in Oregon (United States Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service) and Washington (Washington State University) released four new varieties at the end of 2013 that are available for farmers anywhere in the country to plant. By Stan Hieronymus




2014 BA Hop Survey2014 BA Hop Usage Survey

Some things remain unchanged. Cascade’s reign in the top spot of the Brewers Association Hop Usage Survey stretches on, but there’s a newcomer in the top 10. Last year saw Cascade’s continued dominance as the hop among craft brewers, but it also saw renewed interest by big brewers, including foreign big brewers. By Dick Cantwell






Barley and Malt from a Souther Hemisphere PerspectiveBarley and Malt from a Southern Hemisphere Perspective

In the geography of malt and barley, Chile is usually not the first country that comes to mind. But in a normal year, some 75 percent of the Chilean harvest is of malting quality. By Horst Dornbusch







Also in this issue, you’ll find a wealth of information and “news you can use” for your brewery in our departments, news about the craft brewing community in the Brew News and New Releases sections, and new products and innovations from the craft brewing industry in our Industry Supplier News section. In our back page interview, we raise a glass to Ska Brewing co-founder and president Dave Thibodeau.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season!

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