Take Craft Back Brewery Toolkit

Join the Craft Brewing Community and help Take Craft Back from Big Beer

Take Craft Back, the largest crowdfunding effort in history, seeks to raise the funds to buy Anheuser-Busch InBev, the international conglomerate that has been busy acquiring small and independent craft breweries across the country.

No, we’re not kidding—okay, maybe a little—but these issues are serious. Starting now, we’re collecting pledges of support at TakeCraftBack.com with the audacious (some would say ridiculous, a few have called insane) goal of raising the $213 billion it would take to buy AB InBev.

Take Craft Back is intended as a humorous rallying cry to bring attention to a serious issue: AB InBev’s intention to permanently alter the craft landscape by presenting acquired brands as if they were truly, authentically independent—ultimately narrowing real choice in the marketplace for the beer lover.

Brewery Toolkit: Help Us Take Craft Back

  • Why Take Craft Back? Need more explanation—no problem.
  • Spread the Word – Get your share on with social media assets.
  • Campaign Support – What we literally need you to do.
  • Media Relations – How to tell the Take Craft Back story.
  • Get your Brewery on TakeCraftBack.com – Submit your brewery to be featured on the website.
  • Seal the Deal – Add the seal to your packaging and signs.


Brewers Toolkit Take Craft Back

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