Brewers Association New Safety Subcommittee Holds First Meeting

The Brewers Association’s (BA) new safety subcommittee held their first meeting on September 25, 2013. This group is a subcommittee of the BA’s technical committee. Led by Chair Matt Stinchfield, the group represents the segments of the craft brewing industry from larger regional breweries to the smallest nano breweries. Members from relevant allied trade industries also participated.

“Safety is the first job of craft brewers”, said Brewers Association Director Paul Gatza. “Many of our members are growing manufacturing facilities with increasingly complex safety challenges. Plus, our new smaller members need resources to help them develop safety programs and procedures in a culture of safety from the ground up.”

The subcommittee’s initial work will be to develop group focus by crafting a mission statement. Establishing priorities was another topic of discussion. Topics the group will pursue include helping brewers develop lock out/tag out and confined space protocols, OHSA compliance, and alcohol liability.The safety subcommittee meeting notes are available in the Members Only section of