BA Raises the Bar with New Seminars at Draught Quality Workshop

Registration is now open for the Draught Beer Quality Workshop at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival®. Developed by the Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee, the workshop, slated for Friday, October 3, will benefit anyone in the beer industry with a stake in delivering high quality draught beer. Brewers Association Director Paul Gatza will deliver the keynote address, followed by an all-star cast of presenters who will focus on the retail environment with an emphasis on draught beer system design, maintenance, gas selection and product quality.

The workshop’s focus on quality at retail will be enhanced by special presentations addressing topics to include:

  • Detecting, Preventing and Resolving Off Flavors in Draught Beer
  • Maximizing Draught Profits
  • Managing Draught Beer Quality at Retail

Celina Tio, James Beard Award winner, Certified Cicerone® and competitor on The Next Iron Chef, Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef America TV, will deliver a retailer’s perspective on the importance of draught beer quality with her closing remarks.

Participants in the workshop will also receive an advance copy of the BA’s new publication, Draught Beer Quality for Retailers. This streamlined version of the Draught Beer Quality Manual is designed to give retailers the tools to serve draught beer in its optimal condition. Draught Beer Quality for Retailers will be widely released in October 2014.

Draught Beer Quality Workshop attendees have the option to purchase one ticket to the Great American Beer Festival® (GABF), while they last, for the Friday, October 3 session. GABF tickets are $75 and are not transferable.

More information or register now.

Chuck joined the Brewers Association staff in 2013 after a long career as a craft brewer. He opened Tennessee’s first brewpub, Boscos, in 1992. As an owner and director of brewery operations for Boscos Brewing Company, he opened additional brewpubs in Memphis, Nashville and Little Rock, Ark. In 2007, Chuck opened and operated Ghost River Brewing in Memphis. He has served as chair of the Association of Brewers Board of Advisors, chair of the Association of Brewers Board of Directors and was a member of the first Board of Directors for the Brewers Association.

In his capacity as technical brewing projects coordinator, Chuck works with the technical committee and the safety, sustainability, quality, draught beer quality, pipeline subcommittees, as well as the keg repatriation working group, to encourage and facilitate best practices in all phases of Brewers Association members’ brewery operations.

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