Annual Hop Usage Survey Now Open

Hop to it and be counted! Your participation is needed in the 2017 Brewers Association Hop Survey. Survey closes Friday, August 4.

Since 2007, the BA has provided craft brewer hop usage data to hop growers at their annual Hop Growers Association meeting. Over time, this very important communication has allowed growers to make important planting decisions with confidence in the market. With your input, the hop market has completely shifted from 20% aroma acres to 80% aroma acres.

This year, Brewers Association is pleased to offer an 11 pound box of 2016 Cascade pellets to one random respondent. These Cascades were grown at Van Horn Farms, winner of the 2012 Hop Quality Group Cascade Cup.

All survey data is kept in confidence and only aggregated results are shared.


  • Open to any U.S. brewer of any size
  • In particular, we need data from breweries with 1,000-25,000 barrels of production
  • Breweries opened after January 1, 2016 should wait until next year to respond
  • This survey measures production over the full 12 months of 2016 beer production

Prepare to Report

  • Total 2016 production barrelage
  • Total pounds of hops used (by variety) to produce that beer volume (NOT total pounds of hops you bought in 2016)
  • Any variety shortfalls and surplus(es) you may have experienced

Survey closes Friday, August 4.

Contact Brewers Association Supply Chain Specialist Chris Swersey by email with any questions.