Small Brewer Grassroots Activism

Support Your Local Brewery Program

Support Your Local Brewery (SYLB) is a grassroots activist program managed by the Brewers Association (BA). Membership is made up of small brewers and committed beer enthusiasts from all 50 states with the mission – assist brewers in achieving and sustaining fair market access and equitable legislative and regulatory treatment.

Beer Activists respond to email SYLB Action Alerts whenever a state or federal government affairs involvement opportunity arises by contacting their elected officials. Since its inception, SYLB Beer Activists have answered the call on a variety of issues ranging from tax increase threats and small brewer access to market challenges, to a host of issues aimed at protecting and enhancing the availability of small and independent brewery beer in the marketplace.

SYLB, State Guilds and Local Breweries

The Brewers Association actively works in support of, and in concert with, State Brewer Guilds on legislative and regulatory issues. Through SYLB the BA brings the voice of individual beer drinkers and brewers to bear on issues impacting craft beer consumers and the craft beer industry.

How you can help

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  • Stay up-to-date on your state’s current issues. You can find a list of recent activity in your state in Current Issues or below.
  •  If you learn about an emerging issue, contact your state guild. Make sure they know and ask how you can help.
  • Brewers – Tell your supporters to sign up on to become SYLB Beer Activists.

Current Issues

MS Satellite Location Bill Dies

Failing to pass committee, House Bill 1392 sought to allow any manufacturer of beer with a maximum capacity of two hundred thousand barrels annually to own and operate a brewpub within the same municipality as …More

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Brewery Sales Bill Fails in Mississippi

Dying in committee, House Bill 846 sought to allow small craft breweries (defined as those producing 225,000 barrels or less annually) to: sell up to 2,000 barrels or 10% of production (whichever is greater) for …More

Brewers Association

Mississippi Trade Practice Bill Stalls

Failing to advance from committee, H.B. 1424 sought to make it unlawful for retailers to accept certain things of value if paid for by a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor.

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Tax on Samples Clarified in MS

Senate Bill 2820 clarifies that the beer excise tax must be applied to beer provided on the premises of a brewery for the purpose of tasting or sampling and that the holder of a license …More

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