Power Hour: State of the Crop – Barley and Malt Insights, 2017 and Beyond

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In our next Technical Power Hour, Ian Ward of BSG Select Ingredients will present the latest information about the barley crop, both domestic and international, covering yield volume and quality of the current year’s crop. Ian will also discuss malt issues and malt economics.

This Power Hour will be about more than raw numbers and data, because Ian also will share his expert insights on developing trends and key issues that all craft brewers need to be aware of in 2016 and beyond. As always, attendees will have the chance to ask questions.

About our Speaker

Ian Ward, President, BSG Select Ingredients

Ian Ward holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Birmingham, England and a Ph.D. from the Carbohydrate Chemistry School at the same institution. Among many accomplishments, Ian holds a patent for a novel wort clarification procedure.

In December 2000, Ian joined Brewers Wholesale Supply as technical director. Following the acquisition of Brewers Wholesale by Rahr Malting in June 2004, Ian moved into commercial management as vice president for sales and marketing, and was promoted to president in September 2006. Ian continues to serve as president of the company, which was renamed BSG in spring 2013.

Staff Attending:

Damon Scott

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