Power Hour: Reduce Costs by Benchmarking Utility Usage and Waste

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In this Power Hour webinar, John Stier, the BA’s sustainability mentor, will explain how brewers can use sustainability benchmarking tools to reduce the cost of utilities and waste disposal by tracking their resource consumption on a per-barrel basis.

The BA’s benchmarking tools provide a platform for brewers to set targets for water, electricity, natural gas, solid waste and carbon dioxide use per barrel, and compare their performance to similar breweries. The integrated dashboard helps identify opportunities to reduce waste and improve performance on a monthly basis. Brewers can also compare their utility usage to best-in-class performers from across the industry, which provides benchmarks to gauge the success of sustainability initiatives.

Join the hundreds of breweries already engaged with the sustainability benchmarking tools, and utilize this powerful resource to set-up your business for long-term success.

About Our Speaker

John Stier

Sustainability Mentor

John Stier has over three decades of experience in the brewing sector, including time spent leading the global sustainability efforts for Anheuser-Busch (AB). Since leaving AB in 2008, Stier has worked with a number of leading global beverage companies to develop sustainability strategies and implementation plans that create measurable business value. He has been active with the Brewers Association as a member of the BA sustainability subcommittee and is the primary author of the Brewers Association Sustainability Manuals. As the BA sustainability mentor, Stier spearheads the benchmarking projects and works with craft brewers to utilize the benchmarking tools to improve their operations.

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