Great Canadian Beer Festival

Brewers Association
Brewers Association

Event Details

Contact: Mark Snyder
Location: Royal Athletic Park
1014 Caledonia Ave,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8T 1E8
Event Type: Export Development Program


July 24: Confirmation of Participation
August 11: Shipments due to BA
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Exclusive benefit for BA Export Development Program members

To participate you must be a current member at the time of the event. Not a member? Learn more about the Program benefits and fees.

The Brewers Association Export Development Program (EDP) will host a pavilion at the 2014 Great Canada Beer Festival with an assortment of U.S. craft beers. Brewery staff participation at the GCBF is encouraged but will be at your own expense. If you would like to attend, please let Mark Snyder know.

Event Timeline

Great Canadian Beer Festival – September 5-6, 2014


There is no entry fee for EDP members to participate. The Brewers Association will cover the cost to ship the beers to the festival.

Beer Required

No more than 2 brands per brewery.

Packaging Options

  • Kegs and cans only.
  • MicroStar 1/6 barrel keg (maximum 2 kegs total).
  • Cans (bottles are not allowed at the festival site).
    • If sending cans, send maximum of 3 cases per brand (6 cases total).

MicroStar BA EDP New Partner

The BA has an agreement with MicroStar for this event and so MicroStar kegs are permitted. MicroStar kegs are even an option for breweries that do not have an agreement with MicroStar.

MicroStar will coordinate directly with the interested breweries to meet their keg needs

  • Current customers can pull from their existing inventory of MicroStar kegs. MicroStar will notify you of the steps for reporting your shipment out.
  • For all interested non-customers, the BA will provide your address to MicroStar and 2 sixtels will be delivered to you, for your shipment to the Brewers Association warehouse.


Confirmation of your participation required by July 24, 2014.

Beers that do not arrive on time are not guaranteed participation.

Brewers Association Warehouse: August 11, 2014

Brewers Association Warehouse

3240 Prairie Ave, Unit A

Boulder, CO 80301

Tel: 303-443-7198



Contact Mark Snyder today with any questions or to let him know that you will be entering the competition.