Beer Sensory Evaluation – August 2021

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August 5th, 2021


  • July 20 - 23 Arrival Date: Samples received by BA Boulder warehouse
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The Brewers Association (BA) Beer Sensory Evaluation Program pairs member beers with the highly trained palates of beer sensory panelists from the World Beer Cup®Great American Beer Festival®, and many other international beer competitions.

Brewers will receive in-depth sensory feedback about their brands, including:

  • Sensory characteristics including appearance, aroma, flavor, balance, and technical quality
  • Descriptive attributes that brewers can use when describing the brand in their own sensory panels, in their retail taprooms and restaurants, and in off-premise trade
  • Assessment of alignment with BA Beer Style Guidelines (as indicated by the brewer)

Cost: $100 per brand.

Eligibility: The BA Beer Sensory Evaluation Program is open to any BA voting member brewery.

Wait List: If the evaluation date you want is sold out, join the wait list to be notified if any spots become available.

Program Dates & Sample Shipping Information

Sensory Evaluation Program Shipping Address:

Brewers Association

Attn – Sensory Evaluation Program

3240 Prairie Ave, Ste. A&B

Boulder, CO 80301-2630

Deliveries accepted Tuesday – Friday | 8:00am – 5:00pm

Shipping Timing: It is your responsibility to ensure your evaluation samples arrive within the set arrival dates (see due date above). Samples received after the assigned arrival date will not receive an evaluation. Neither refunds nor credits will be issued for missed deadlines or samples not sent. We recommend you track your package(s) and save all documentation pertaining to your shipment in case there are any issues during transit.

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to send your beers you must request a cancellation at least 3 weeks PRIOR to your session date in order to receive a refund. No refunds will be given if you fail to notify us on time or if your beers do not arrive within the arrival window.

Bottles/Cans Only: Only packaged (bottled or canned) beer samples will be evaluated; draught beer samples will not be accepted. We strongly discourage submissions in growlers or crowlers as these package formats are only intended for consumption within 1-2 days.

Send the Required Amount: Send 6 cans or bottles of each brand. Breweries sending less than the required number of packages will not have these samples evaluated, nor will they be issued a credit or refund.

Pack your samples well (make them unbreakable): No matter how well you think you have packed your bottles and cans for shipment, pack them even better to prevent breakage during shipping. If your sample packages do break, any replacements must meet the same deadline listed above. Late arriving samples will not be evaluated.