2018 Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival

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Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Event Type: Export Development Program


August 31, 2018- Beer due to consolidation point
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Exclusive benefit for BA Export Development Program members

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The Brewers Association (BA) invites your brewery to participate in the 2018 Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival, one of Europe’s largest trade/consumer shows. All beers featured at the event through the BA will also be submitted to the Festival’s international beer competition.

The show runs from September 27-29 and again from October 4-6. This will be the BA’s fifteenth appearance at the festival. Previous visits have resulted in new distribution for U.S. craft beers in Sweden’s retail monopoly, the local on-premise sector, and elsewhere in Scandinavia.

For more information, please visit: www.stockholmbeer.se

Event Timeline

The Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival & competition judging takes place the weekend of September 27-29. The festival continues for a second weekend, October 4-6, and includes the awards ceremony for competition winners.

August 21, 2018- Deadline to complete registration/shipping form.

August 31, 2018– Beer due to East Coast Consolidation Point

September 27-29– Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival first weekend & competition judging

October 4-6– Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival second weekend & awards judging


The BA is prepared to cover the entry cost and shipment of beer via air freight from the Brewers Association to the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival for Export Development Program members. As this is a festival as well as a competition, please consider sending innovative, rare, seasonal, small batch and special beers. Unique beers will catch the media’s and festival attendee’s interest.

Cost The BA will cover the entry cost and a consolidated shipment of beer from the Brewers Association to Sweden for Export Development Program members.

Beer Required The BA EDP is asking for 3 brands per brewery and 6 cases per brand for this 6-day festival. You can send additional brands if you want and fewer cases per brand, but as this is a festival – please send a minimum of 3 cases per brand. Please send only full cases for each brand. All beer brands submitted in bottles or cans will be entered into the competition.


Beers need to arrive at the New Jersey warehouse by August 31, 2018. Beers that do not arrive on time are not guaranteed participation.

Please label all cases “BA/Stockholm”.

Brewers Association East Coast Consolidation Warehouse:

Beers that do not arrive on time are not guaranteed participation, we are flying the beers to Stockholm.

Sterling Transport Services

c/o CDS Logistics

8 Engelhard Avenue

Avenel, NJ  07001

Tel: 732-868-1200

Shipping Documents

Please fill out this form for the shipping documents.

The Export Development Program (EDP) also needs to collect information from you to prepare the shipment. Please fill out the EDP’s form below.

Fill out my online form.

IMPORTANT: Already exporting to Sweden? If you are currently exporting to Sweden, it is important that you check with your importer to see if they will be representing your beers at the festival and will enter your beers into the competition. It is perfectly acceptable to have your beers at the BA booth and at your importer’s booth, but please check with your importer.


Contact Steve Parr today with any questions or to let him know that you will be entering the competition.