2018 American Craft Beer Experience (Japan)

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Event Details

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Event Type: Export Development Program
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Exclusive benefit for BA Export Development Program members

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The Brewers Association Export Development Program is hosting an American craft beer consumer festival in Tokyo, Japan in November. This will be our fourth year at the festival.

The 2018 American Craft Beer Experience Japan takes place November 17 & 18, 2018 at the New PIER Hall.

Details & Registration

Participating breweries that do have importers in the market:

  • are asked to work with their importers to ensure their products will be represented and supplied for the events by their importers.  If any EDP member brewery works with a Japanese importer who would like a booth, please contact Steve Parr as soon as possible.

Participating breweries that do not have importers in the market:

  • are asked to send six total cases (one to three styles for six total cases)
  • are encouraged to represent their beers at the Tokyo events in person
  • Please label each case: “BA/JAPAN”
  • Registration details below

Please register your beers for the 2018 American Craft Beer Experience Japan by Friday, September 28.

All beers are due to the California warehouse by Friday, October 5.

The BA will cover the cost of the consolidated shipment of beers from the BA California warehouse to Japan for Export Development Program members.

Since the shipment is going to Japan, breweries must fill out certain forms.  These documents must also be received by the shipping consolidator in California by September 28 via email.  Specifically, each brewery will need to fill out the following on brewery letterhead with your logo:

1.) General Brewery Production Process Statement / template

2.) A Manufactures Certificate for each style of beer that lists ingredients and percentages as well as the basic ABV, Plato and SRM / template

3.) Commercial Invoice & Packing List / The beer will be donated but we still need to have a commercial value on the beer / as usual from the brewery quick books.

4.) A commercial description of the beer for us to translate.

Please send all forms to: Brett Naylor, brett.naylor@globalcraft.com, 424-368-0197

Participating in Person? – RSVP by September 28.

Please contact Steve Parr, by September 28, if you plan to participate in person at the Japan American Craft Beer Experience.


STEP 1: Participating in person, contact Steve Parr by September 28, 2018.

Step 2: Register for the 2018 American Craft Beer Experience Japan by September 28, 2018.  If your importer is providing your beers, please let me know – you do not need to register your beers.

Beers to BA California warehouse by October 5 , 2018.

Deliver starting October 1- closes October 5 (weekdays 9am to 4pm).

Beers that do not arrive on time are not guaranteed participation.

Global Craft Trading, Inc.

901 E. E St.

Suite 201

Wilmington, CA  90744

Collection Point contact person**: Brett Naylor, ops@globalcraft.com, 424-368-0197

**All breweries need to contact Brett Naylor before product arrival. It is required to have an appointment to use a dock at our warehouse, otherwise the truck will be made to wait and there will be detention fees.

Shipping Documents

STEP 3: The Export Development Program (EDP) also needs to collect information from you to prepare the shipment, for the EDP members sending beers. Please fill out the EDP’s form below.

Fill out my online form.

Contact Steve Parr today with any questions or to let him know that you will be entering the competition.