2017 Australian International Beer Awards

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Event Type: Export Development Program
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Exclusive benefit for BA Export Development Program members

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The Australian International Beer Awards, this year celebrating 25 years, is the largest annual beer competition in the world judging both draught and packaged beer.  In 2016, the Awards attracted over 1,790 entries from 326 breweries in 36 countries.

For more information, please visit: www.rasv.com.au/Events/AIBA_Home/.

Event Timeline

The Australian International Beer Awards judging takes place May 10-12 in Melbourne, Australia.


The BA will cover the entry cost and shipping from the Brewers Association to Australia for up to three brands (bottles and cans only) per brewery for Export Development Program members. There is no limit on the number of submissions per brewery but each additional brand is charged a separate fee.

Cost for large breweries (annual production greater than 25,000 hL/21,304 BBLS): US$230 per additional brand

Cost for medium-sized breweries (annual production from 5,001 hL/4,262 BBLS to 25,000 hL/21,304 BBLS): US$210 per additional brand

Cost for small breweries (annual production up to and including 5,000 hL/4,261 BBLS: US$135 per additional brand

You will be sent an invoice from the Brewers Association for any additional beers that you enter, after registration closes–the BA will pay for all the entry fees for BA EDP members directly with the AIBA organizers.

How to Register

Registration deadline online with AIBA organizer: March 24, 2017

Go to the AIBA website – www.rasv.com.au/beer – download the 2017 Entry Book, read the book, work out the classes you plan to enter, read the regulations & entry prerequisites, etc.

Email the AIBA Event ManagerDamian Nieuwesteeg – if you have any questions.

Enter online using your 2016 email, or create a new entry login ID – just follow the steps.

At the question “Do you belong to a National Brewers Association / Guild?” select the answer “USA Brewers Association’s (BA) Export Development Program (EDP)”

Complete the online registration. As a BA EDP member, you will not be asked to pay. You will receive a message telling you that you have successfully entered. You have finished the entry process.

You will receive an entry acknowledgment email from the AIBA summarizing your entry information – contact Damian Nieuwesteeg if there are any errors. Your entry acknowledgment will include the information for your competition labels (you create/Avery labels, etc.), that must be affixed to each bottle/can before your entries are sent to Australia. Each entry will have its own unique registration info.

Beer Required for Judging

12 bottles or cans (12 oz size) or 6 bottles (22 oz size or 750 ml size), etc. of each brand is needed for the competition.  If it is easier for you to send a full case of each brand entered into the competition, please do – beers not needed for judging will be used at media, trade and consumer events. Please send only full cases of beers with one brand or two – this is needed to build the pallets solidly.

Shipping & Deadline

Beers are due to the Wilmington, California warehouse by April 11, 2017 4:00 pm.

All breweries or distributors need to contact Global Craft to arrange delivery. You will need to set up an appointment with them for delivery, and then call them when you arrive. Global Craft will help you handcart the beers in and take care of it from there. All cases will be stored in cold storage, before shipping via airfreight.

How to Ship Your Beers

As your beers will be shipped directly to Global Craft Trading warehouse in California, it is important to ship in the original cases or in a shipping box, that is similar in size to the original case. This is important as the beers will be palletized tightly for an air-shipment. Please do not individually wrap each bottle or can in bubble-wrap or put the bottles or cans loosely in large boxes of Styrofoam peanuts. Large boxes will need to be opened and repacked, in order to fit on the pallet – thus the importance of shipping in the original case.

All cases need to be labeled BA/AIBA.

All bottles/cans need to include the AIBA competition labels.

Beers that do not arrive on time are not guaranteed participation.

Global Craft Trading Warehouse:

Deliver starting March 24 – closes April 11

Global Craft Trading, Inc.

901 East “E” Street

Suite 201

Wilmington, CA 90744

Tel: 732-868-1200

Delivery Contact Person

Brett Naylor



Shipping Documents

The Export Development Program (EDP) needs to collect information from you to prepare the shipment. Please fill out the EDP’s form below.


Contact Mark Snyder today with any questions or to let him know that you will be participating in the Australian International Beer Awards.