How to Leverage BA Resources to Promote your Brewery

As a savvy small-brewery marketer, you’re probably looking for the best way to get the latest industry news and trends. Maybe you’d like an early tip on any press releases the Brewers Association (BA) puts out? You could use it to your advantage by letting your local media in on the information—along with your brewery’s take, of course, which could include your own statistics or promoting an event to go with the national perspective. What reporter wouldn’t be pleased with your strong, newsworthy lead?

As a matter of fact, the BA does have a newsworthy national release coming up, and this information is already available to you in the Press Room section of There you can access the press release schedule, which provides a list of every release the BA or its consumer-facing website,, plans to distribute in a given year. The releases are generally placed on wire services, with many of them piquing the interest of national media outlets. While our very capable spokespeople handle the national perspective well, we aren’t as effective in providing a local angle. That’s where you come in!

Planning your own news releases around the association’s releases is an easy way to get your brewery in the news and create top-of-mind awareness for your brand down the road. Local media will remember how helpful and prepared you were on the last assignment and might reach out to you for your expert take on a future topic.

Promote Your Brewery

“But Andy,” I hear you saying. “We’re a start-up, we don’t know any reporters and the media definitely doesn’t know anything about us. How can I approach them with our story and angle, if I don’t know who they are?”

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Again, we’ve got you covered. Each year the Brewers Association updates its own list of media contacts and publishes state media lists for brewery members. You can request one state list per year to help you start building relationships with local reporters and news outlets. Details of this member benefit and a request form can be found in the Marketing & Advertising section.

Once you have your list, you can time your own news releases and media outreach with the BA’s release date. Don’t just hope that media will come to you for the local angle—be proactive and take your information to them. Be courteous, respect their time and maybe invite them to the brewery for a tour and a pint. They’ll appreciate your help.