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The Safety Exchange answers your questions about brewery safety. BA members are free to submit their safety questions, anonymously if desired. Help the BA Safety Subcommittee help you develop a culture of safety in your brewery by sending your questions to

5S Safety System

A buddy of mine said his factory is using 5S to control safety. What is 5S? The Safety Exchange Says: The 5S system is a lean manufacturing concept that applies mostly to housekeeping, and therefore …More

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Protection from Hot Liquids

I know of people who have been seriously burned in the brewery. How can we protect our brewers from hot liquids? The Safety Exchange Says: Most importantly, safety with begins with hazard recognition. Knowing how boiling …More

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Ladder Hazards

Is climbing a ladder leaned against a fermenter okay? Some of my cellaring tasks such as CIP, sanitizing, and dry-hopping require me to carry either reactive chemicals or bulk weight quantities of raw material up …More

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CO2 Hazards

My coworkers and I aren’t sure if the burning nostrils we experience when we blow down a fermenter is CO2 or the volatiles from the beer. Can you enlighten us? How hazardous is CO2 anyways? The …More

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Venting and Management of CO2 and Fermenters

We have recently increase production at our brewery and are concerned about air quality for employees. Is there a calculation for how much CO2 is produced per barrel of beer fermenting? We are trying to …More

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Safety Sheets for Craft Brewers

Can a general/generic Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) be developed similar to some of the Department of Labor OSHA “Quick Cards” and references which focus on the craft brewing industry? Have you discussed, or is there a …More

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