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Molly Bull

Tom and I recently became 100 percent owners of Dirigo Brewing Company. More than ever, we are focused on production of classic continental lagers. We recently brewed our first all-Maine-ingredients beer.

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Phil Wages

Since discovering craft beer in 2004, I wanted to open a craft beer bar. Then I started homebrewing.

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Jorge Rosabal

I fell in love with the whole brewing process, which led me to attend brewing school at Doemens World Brewing Academy in Munich, Germany for three years.

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Bear Tomlinson

I currently work as the Regional/Southwest sales rep and ambassador for Durango Brewing.

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Ray Goodrich

I’ve always loved craft beer, so after several years as a Fox Sports producer, I used my content creation background to get a craft beer marketing job.

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Charlie Soqui

No matter what state or country I have visited, I have always been able to immediately connect with the small community of fellow beer lovers.

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Jennifer Partee

After a few pints at Scottsdale Brewing Company, we decided that opening a brewery could be our next adventure.

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Ryan Locke

Craft beer is exciting and interesting to so many different people. The best part is the feeling I get when someone asks me what I do.

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Jared Herman

What’s your current position at your brewery, and how did you get started in the craft brewing industry? I’m the head brewer at Levity Brewing Company [in Indiana, Pa.]. I started homebrewing in 2004 and have …More

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