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Jennifer Hansen

CEO and co-founder (with husband Jeff) of Wildcard Brewing Co. in Redding, Calif.

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Mike Frohlich

Co-owner/head brewer at Laughing Sun Brewing Co. in Bismarck, N.D.

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Jason Ard

Owner of Branchline Brewing in San Antonio, Texas.

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Hunter Smith

Owner/president and head brewer at Champion Brewing Co. in Charlottesville, Va.

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Ben Braddock

Brewer at Willimantic Brewing Co. in Connecticut.

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Nick Califano

Co-founder of Yonkers Brewing Co. in Yonkers, N.Y.

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Alan Atha

Co-owner and brewmaster at Baeltane Brewing in Novato, Calif.

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Rich Buceta

Head brewer and president at SingleCut Beersmiths in Astoria, N.Y.

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Pete Crowley

Owner at Haymarket Pub and Brewery in Chicago.

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