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Is Distribution Right for You?

Does distribution make sense for your brewery? Come hear advice on selecting a distributor, setting up a contract, or even calling it quits on distribution.

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Using Safety Data Sheets to Create a Safe Brewery Environment

Safe chemical use is a partnership between the user and the chemical supplier. In this interactive, hands-on presentation, a safety professional and a brewery chemical supplier discuss the specifics of chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS) …More

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Crafting Your Brand

This session is designed to help you build and communicate a strong brand. Learn the framework through a case study of a Minnesota gastro-brewery, then learn how to apply these strategies to your own brand …More

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Building Your Key Accounts Team: Lessons Learned

An overview of how Bell’s Brewery, Inc. built its key accounts team. Matt discusses lessons learned along the way and how you can implement them in your business.

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Sustainability Benchmarking Results and Insights

Results and insights from the Brewers Association’s sustainability benchmarking project will be summarized and presented. A preliminary look at 2015 data will be reviewed along with a request for additional member participation. Potential expansion of …More

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