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Exporting Your Beer to France

A discussion of the export opportunities in France for American breweries.

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Creative Maintenance Logistics

Equipment maintenance in breweries often can be poorly managed and reactionary. This seminar will present simple maintenance management tactics useful to breweries of all sizes. These tactics will help prevent unnecessary loss and costly shutdowns …More

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Training Successful Sales Reps

Your sales reps are on the front line, face-to-face with distributors, retailers, and consumers. Learn the most effective ways to successfully train your sales reps, whether for your home market or across the country.

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Recent Advances in Controlling Flavor and Aroma in Hoppy Beers

Craft brewers use many hopping techniques to create aromatic and flavorful hop-forward beers. This presentation shares results from several studies in the Shellhammer lab at Oregon State University examining factors that affect aroma and bitterness …More

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