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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Training Effectiveness: Why Your Staff Still Makes Mistakes

Training is an important aspect of occupational safety and health and is required by many regulations. Effective training ensures that employees and employers have the proper knowledge to safely perform job tasks. This session will …More

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Brewing Cycle Improvements to Increase Output

Brewers strive to reduce brewing cycle time and increase the number of quality brews per day. Graham will demonstrate how to identify pinch points in your brewing process and address them with process adjustments, equipment …More

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Retailer Panel

Bump Williams returns with a panel of retailers representing various channels.

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TTB Bootcamp

The Brewers Association is partnering with the U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to present a series of talks aimed at how brewers can most efficiently interact with the TTB. The TTB is based a …More

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Brewing History at the Smithsonian

The National Museum of American History has a new initiative, funded by the Brewers Association, to document the history of beer and brewing in America. Come meet the historian and learn about the work ahead. …More

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How Dry Hopping Affects IBUs and Bitterness

Many craft brewers have noticed their IBUs go up after dry hopping, yet their beers taste less bitter than before. Dry hopping can cause a significant change in hop acid composition, resulting in higher IBUs …More

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Safety Recordkeeping for the Craft Brewery

OSHA recordkeeping requirements can be confusing. These records are some of the first documents that OSHA will request in the event of a serious injury or inspection. Learn about the new OSHA requirements for electronic …More

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Turn Your Excess Capacity into Revenue & Relationships

Contracting: whose brand does it help? There are many factors to consider before agreeing to brew for someone else. We will dive into the pros and cons of deciding whether or not to keep your …More

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101 Ways to Blow Up a Bottle/Can, and How to Avoid It

The brewmaster and quality manager at Allagash Brewing outlines the risks of package over-pressurization and the quality measures that can be put in place to help brewers mitigate this risk.

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