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Canada Market: Insights on Exporting to Alberta

U.S. craft beers have seen solid growth in Alberta through private retail. Rob Singleton, beer category manager for the retailers Liquor Depot and Wine & Beyond, will speak about the performance of American craft beers …More

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Cascade Hops: Quality and Consistency from Field to Brewery

The development, high-quality and consistency of aroma and flavor imparted by hops are critical aspects of brewing high quality beer. Two global experts on hops pathology and chemistry will take turns discussing current knowledge and …More

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BA Brewpub Server Training Manual Panel

This seminar will present and discuss the first edition of the Beer Server Training Manual, which describes strategies and tools for brewpub and brewery owners and managers who perform staff training or would like to …More

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Confined Space Entry Basics

Safety expert Tony McCrimmon will present all the steps and documentation required for confined spaces including completed examples of the required paperwork. A space will be addressed in all three forms: non-permit, reclassification of a …More

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Beer Stability and Stabilization

Presented in association with VLB. In this seminar, Deniz Bilge helps brewers determine which components influence haze stability and how to eliminate them.

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Continuing the Evolution of Beer Distribution

This session will explore the case for craft brewer-favorable state legislation. Specific topics will include: franchise law reform, self-distribution for small brewers while preventing vertical integration that threatens competition and retail privileges at brewery locations.

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