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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Harnessing Brettanomyces for Flavor Development

Originally identified by New Carlsberg brewery in 1904 as “necessary for bringing English stock beers into proper condition, Brettanomyces yeasts are today best known for their devastating effects on wine quality. Recent growth in the …More

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How Dry Hopping Affects IBUs and Bitterness

Many craft brewers have noticed their IBUs go up after dry hopping, yet their beers taste less bitter than before. Dry hopping can cause a significant change in hop acid composition, resulting in higher IBUs …More

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How We Grew While Maintaining Our Culture

In this panel discussion, Scott Newman-Bale of Shorts Brewing Company, Brad Dahlhofer of B. Nektar Meadery, Dennis Kramer-Wine of Rhinegeist Brewery, and Adam Benner of Land Grant Brewing Company will be joined by moderator Joe …More

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Innovation in Sustainability

Craft brewers have a longstanding history of being innovative pioneers. This session will highlight some of the more interesting yet practical innovations currently happening within our industry. Speakers will share projects they have undertaken, the …More

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Is Distribution Right for You?

Does distribution make sense for your brewery? Come hear advice on selecting a distributor, setting up a contract, or even calling it quits on distribution.

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Its a Brave New World for Craft

The craft landscape has shifted dramatically: growth slowed, there are tons of tiny new entrants, and the largest players in the total beer business made numerous craft acquisitions. Between industry giants and thousands of hyperlocal …More

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Leading in Beer and Food Pairing

Join this essential seminar to hear the latest on beer and food pairing from the Beer & Food Working Group participants (American Society of Brewing Chemists, Brewers Association/, Cicerone, and Denver Museum of Nature & …More

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Legal Basics for Start-ups

This seminar will cover trademark, zoning and compliance issues and when to hire legal counsel.

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