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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Growing into the Headwinds

In a lively panel discussion, the leaders of five successful, long-established craft breweries reveal how they continue to grow their businesses and thrive in the current environment.

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Hazard Assessment: New Tools for Busy Brewers

Prevention and protection are two cornerstones of workplace safety. When implementing effective hazard controls and developing reliable standard operating procedures, you will need to identify and understand potential hazards. Brewery safety professional Matt Stinchfield outlines …More

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How to Run an Increasingly Complex Beer Business

Your beers are dialed in. You’ve carved out a successful niche. But the stress of running a brewery is getting the best of you…and likely your staff. This session is led by someone who’s been …More

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Independent Craft Brewer Seal 101: Join the Movement

Beer is more than just what’s in the glass—it’s about the people who brew it and who owns the brewery. Beer lovers expect transparency when it comes to ownership behind beer brands, especially Millennials. The …More

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Malt Flavor: Why the Craft Industry Gives a Chit

In 2015, the ASBC Sensory Subcommittee identified a major gap in raw materials research: no standardized method of malt sensory analysis. A small team, led by Cassie Poirier from Briess, pioneered a project to develop …More

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Managing a Brewpub or Brewery Restaurant Food Program

Change your vision when you exit the brewery and enter the kitchen and dining room. Join this panel of culinary experts as they dive into managing a food program, including menu development, beer and food …More

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Meet the Legal Experts: Roundtable Discussions

Like brewing beer, beer law is both national and regional in nature. As a result, breweries come to CBC with many questions that go unanswered because there simply is not a seminar to cover it …More

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