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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Is Distribution Right for You?

Does distribution make sense for your brewery? Come hear advice on selecting a distributor, setting up a contract, or even calling it quits on distribution.

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Using Safety Data Sheets to Create a Safe Brewery Environment

Safe chemical use is a partnership between the user and the chemical supplier. In this interactive, hands-on presentation, a safety professional and a brewery chemical supplier discuss the specifics of chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS) …More

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Arming Reps for Success in Today’s Beer Market

Today’s beer environment has more bad actors than ever before. Arm your reps with the tools and data to sell craft beer on its own merits and effectively deliver the right message.

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Its a Brave New World for Craft

The craft landscape has shifted dramatically: growth slowed, there are tons of tiny new entrants, and the largest players in the total beer business made numerous craft acquisitions. Between industry giants and thousands of hyperlocal …More

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Starting with Quality: Not Just Another Lab Talk

In the ever-growing craft brewing world, quality is on everyone’s mind. This seminar will focus on the basics of a lab and quality program for start-up breweries. Learn how to start the journey to quality …More

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Valuation of an Existing Brewpub

Most entrepreneurs are great at starting a business, but few understand how to determine the value of their largest asset. More importantly, understanding what drives that value will often lead to changes in the management …More

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Creating Your Brewpub Experience

With the battle for tastebuds ever growing between brewpubs, tasting rooms, wineries, and distilleries, there are plenty of ways to make your brewpub shine above the competition. We’ll explore options and techniques to differentiate your …More

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