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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Creating Your Brewpub Experience

With the battle for tastebuds ever growing between brewpubs, tasting rooms, wineries, and distilleries, there are plenty of ways to make your brewpub shine above the competition. We’ll explore options and techniques to differentiate your …More

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Design & Safety Considerations for Grain Handling Systems

Designing efficient, safe, and scalable grain handling systems up front is critical to long-term success in craft brewing today. This includes determining incoming grain strategies (bulk, semi-bulk, bags), conveying types (screws, cable-disc, cable-chain, bucket elevator, …More

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Digital Marketing 101

Come learn the basics of marketing with email, social media (organic and paid), paid search (PPC), organic search (SEO), content, and video. Discover why that little device in your hand/pocket/purse is your friend and your …More

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Expanding Your Footprint: Do it Right the First Time

This session provides objective guidance through the process of expanding your current distribution footprint, from self-distribution to selecting a distributor network out of state. Learn how to make a good first impression on the new …More

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Exporting Your Beer to France

A discussion of the export opportunities in France for American breweries.

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Finding the Perfect Price: Tools, Tips, and Techniques

How did you establish the price of your beer? How about the price of that dessert? Could you charge more? Should you charge less? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, this session is for you. …More

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Government Affairs Update

This session will provide an update of the current federal legislative and regulatory issues small brewers are facing. Marc Sorini covers where we’re at and were we can go from here.

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