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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Basic Microbiology for Small Breweries

This seminar will discuss how to institute basic microbiology practices in a brewery, including how to identify an infection in your brewery and address it.

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Brewery Water Treatment

This seminar will illustrate how water quality affects beer quality and present methods and equipment necessary to improve brewery water quality.

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Brewing Bliss: The Marriage of Food Safety and Quality

Join our panel discussion as we tackle two critical topics in our industry today. Here you will learn the fundamental requirements for a brewery food safety program and understand the differences and synergies with your …More

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Brewing Quality on a Budget: How to Use a Little to Do a Lot

This presentation will cover the fundamentals of brewing quality: what metrics are most important to measure and why, tips and tricks for getting the job done on a budget without compromising methods, and resources available …More

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The Future of Craft Depends on Quality

Brewers Association quality ambassador Dick Cantwell brings a message to recognize both the quality systems breweries already have in place and the responsibility we all owe to our craft community to make the best beer …More

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Trace Metals in Brewing

In this seminar, Ruth Martin discusses how raw materials such as malt, sugars and hops can introduce trace metals and other minerals into wort and beer. She will also cover the impact of trace metals …More

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Yeast: The Owner’s Manual

Unlike other brewery equipment, brewers yeast does not come with an operator‚Äôs manual. This talk will cover the essentials of yeast management, including feeding, pitching, cropping and storage of your yeast. Selecting and renewing your …More

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