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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Hiring and Brewer Retention: A Brewer’s Perspective

Hiring and retaining quality brewing staff is vital to being a successful brewery. This panel will discuss the critical factors involved in hiring and retaining strong brewing team members. The conversation is from a brewer’s …More

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Kilned vs. Roasted: Do You Really Know Your Specialty Malt?

Only two commercial maltsters in the U.S. operate roasters to produce specialty malt. This seminar will present a basic understanding of the malting process before delving into the differences between producing malt on a kiln …More

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Malt Milling and Its Ramifications for the Craft Brewer

The milling of base and specialty malts has a significant financial and quality impact on your beer. A complete understanding of the milling process, the different types of milling equipment available, and the standard approach …More

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Supply Chain Management for Craft Brewers

An overview of supply chain theory with emphasis on production planning, forecasting and inventory management. Specific topics include seasonal transition, dunnage management and trucking logistics.

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Teaching an Old Bottling Line How Not to Suck (Air)

A case study describing the process of defining dissolved oxygen standards, standardizing testing procedures and eliminating sources of DO pick-up during the commissioning and operation of an older-model rotary filler.

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Production Managers Panel

A panel with five production managers from varying sized breweries will discuss different aspects of day-to-day production. An opportunity to share best practices and talk shop.

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Quality Filling Concepts

Presented in association with VLB. In this seminar, Deniz Bilge will cover reducing oxygen pickup during filling, how to improve consistency in chemical technical parameters like CO2, alcohol and gravity, and best practices for packaging …More

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Beer Turbidity: Reasons, Analytics and Avoidance Strategy

Presented in association with VLB. Colloidal stability and the avoidance of haze are key quality parameters of beer. This seminar explores possible sources of haze in the final product, how these sources can be detected …More

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Brewhouse Design and Expansion Considerations

Building, expanding or replacing a brewhouse can be an overwhelming task considering the architectural, equipment and production needs for larger and/or more sophisticated equipment. How should the brewhouse, production and packaging equipment be sized and …More

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