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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Best Practices for Hop Quality, Sustainability, and Food Safety

From farm to kettle, best practices programs provide a framework to ensure consistent standards and traceability to deliver reliable, premium quality hops to brewers. Excellent third-party audited programs are available to growers in the Pacific …More

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Brewers and Wholesalers: Shaping Future Partnerships

This panel will examine the relationships between wholesalers and brewers. It will identify current best practices and areas of aligned interests that can strengthen future relationships. Issues include distributor consolidation, the supply of distribution services, …More

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Brewery Burns: Causes and Avoidance

Each year brewers are burned by wort boilovers, contact with steam, or exposure to corrosive chemicals. Burn injuries can be traumatic and require months of recovery. Understand the causes and learn the best methods of …More

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Brewery Wastewater Basics

Confused about wastewater from your brewery and what to do with it? This talk will describe the situation from a municipal, environmental, and business owner perspective. The presentation will also cover design, equipment, layout, and …More

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Brewing Cycle Improvements to Increase Output

Brewers strive to reduce brewing cycle time and increase the number of quality brews per day. Graham will demonstrate how to identify pinch points in your brewing process and address them with process adjustments, equipment …More

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Brewing History at the Smithsonian

The National Museum of American History has a new initiative, funded by the Brewers Association, to document the history of beer and brewing in America. Come meet the historian and learn about the work ahead. …More

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Budgeting and Managing Brewhouse Raw Materials

Outside of salaries, brewhouse materials are the most expensive cost associated with making beer. Recognizing the cost drivers in the brewhouse is important to having a complete understanding of your brewery’s profitability. This presentation will …More

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Building Your Brand in a New Market

Industry expert Andy Tysler will walk brewers through Deschutes Brewery’s process of opening a new market and growing its brands within that market.

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