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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

How To Successfully Raise Capital for Your Brewery

Whether you are a brewery-in-planning or a rapidly growing brewery, one of the primary challenges you’ll face is determining the most effective way to finance your growth and expansion. In this session, our panel of …More

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Using Hops More Efficiently: Grower and Brewer Perspectives

Craft brewer demand for hops is pushing the U.S. hop industry beyond its capacity. Land and infrastructure for additional hop production are very capital-intensive and time-consuming to develop. With these constraints in mind, how can …More

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Kilned vs. Roasted: Do You Really Know Your Specialty Malt?

Only two commercial maltsters in the U.S. operate roasters to produce specialty malt. This seminar will present a basic understanding of the malting process before delving into the differences between producing malt on a kiln …More

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What You Need to Know About FDA Menu Labeling

Upcoming Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations will require chain restaurants to publish the calorie content of all regular menu items. This seminar will provide an update on the latest government guidance and efforts by …More

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Marketing 101 for the Start-up Brewery

Running a successful brewery is more than just making good beer. Learn the basics of marketing for craft brewers, including preparing for media interviews.

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Malt Milling and Its Ramifications for the Craft Brewer

The milling of base and specialty malts has a significant financial and quality impact on your beer. A complete understanding of the milling process, the different types of milling equipment available, and the standard approach …More

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The Future of Craft Depends on Quality

Brewers Association quality ambassador Dick Cantwell brings a message to recognize both the quality systems breweries already have in place and the responsibility we all owe to our craft community to make the best beer …More

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The Cost of Opening a Brewery: 3 Perspectives

Three brewery owners with three very different approaches lay out the costs involved in building a brewery. Sean takes you through his experience and the costs of “boot-strapping” his brewery’s path to operations. Scott provides …More

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