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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Sustainable Design and Build Strategies for Craft Brewers

As brewers continue to build, grow, and expand, they continue to look for the most sustainable options to do so. This session will explore green building options for brewers, ranging from lighting and building materials …More

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The Cost of Opening a Brewery: 3 Perspectives

Three brewery owners with three very different approaches lay out the costs involved in building a brewery. Sean takes you through his experience and the costs of “boot-strapping” his brewery’s path to operations. Scott provides …More

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The Future of Craft Depends on Quality

Brewers Association quality ambassador Dick Cantwell brings a message to recognize both the quality systems breweries already have in place and the responsibility we all owe to our craft community to make the best beer …More

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The Return of the Gourdians

The Gourdians, CBC favorites and music-making power trio, return for another seminar on the essentials of compelling, media-grabbing, beer-selling, fun-creating promotions, ideas, and storytelling. With live music, as always.

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The Science, Art, and Mystery of Sour Beer Production

Avery Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company join together to take you through their souring processes. They combine the art and mystery with the science of souring, including TA measurements, acid profiles, and microbial …More

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Today’s Numbers Are Tomorrow’s Sales

Plenty of sales data is available in the beer business; the question is how to make sense of all the numbers. Where do they come from? What do they mean? How do they impact your …More

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Top 10 Legal Tips for Start-up Breweries

Starting a business can be daunting as one has to deal with a slew of legal issues. But starting a craft brewery can be even more confusing due to the unique nature of the industry …More

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Trade Practice and TTB Labeling Guidance

This seminar covers TTB trade practice, formulation, and label submission requirements, and will provide information on analytical testing for label compliance.

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Training Successful Sales Reps

Your sales reps are on the front line, face-to-face with distributors, retailers, and consumers. Learn the most effective ways to successfully train your sales reps, whether for your home market or across the country.

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