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Exporting Your Beers

A discussion of opportunities for exporting your beers.

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Exporting Your Beers to Thailand and Singapore

A discussion of export opportunities in Thailand and Singapore, this seminar is a must-attend for any company that is currently in the market or contemplating business in Thailand and/or Singapore.

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Fast-Growing Brewers Panel

This panel of brewery representatives tackles issues facing packaging breweries of all sizes.

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Forecasting and Managing Seasonal Beers

Darts are an entertaining game but the dartboard is not the most effective tool for forecasting seasonal sales volumes. Learn some tools from brewers of different sizes.

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Full Genome Sequencing of 96 Craft Brewing Yeast Strains

In the past it would have been considered science fiction to analyze the complete DNA sequence of almost 100 yeast strains used specifically in craft brewingÑbut now it has been done!

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Getting the Most Brewery for Your Buck

When building a brewery in a brewpub, there are a lot of decisions to be made and pitfalls to avoid. Brian walks you through the design, purchase and installation of a production-ready brewpub brewery with …More

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