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Managing the 2014 North American Barley Crop

The 2014 growing year was very challenging for barley growers; those challenges now fall to maltsters and brewers. This panel was assembled to help brewers make the most of this important raw material when Mother …More

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Media Training Bootcamp

A media interview can have a significant impact on your brand. Why leave such an important opportunity to chance? This interactive session provides strategies and tools to maximize media opportunities for your brand. The media-savvy …More

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Suds and Curds: Using Cheese to Sell More Beer

Learn from two cheese pros how to boost pub sales with a strategic cheese program. The presenters will share case studies that highlight the opportunities and challenges.

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Merchandise and POS to Build Your Brand

Presenters will discuss strategies to make sure the brewery merchandise and POS that you are buying is doing the most it can for your brand, as well as what to buy, where to buy it …More

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Mixed Culture Fermentation in a Production Brewery

In this panel, brewers from various backgrounds share their experiences conducting mixed culture fermentations in a production brewery setting. Brewers will discuss mixed culture fermentation philosophy, old and new world techniques, and troubleshooting.

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Modern and Efficient Yeast Management

Presented in association with VLB. Deniz Bilge describes the influences of yeast performance on fermentation. Why is “happy” yeast necessary for brewer success? He’ll cover topics including modern yeast propagation strategies and yeast storage.

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