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Mixed Culture Fermentation in a Production Brewery

In this panel, brewers from various backgrounds share their experiences conducting mixed culture fermentations in a production brewery setting. Brewers will discuss mixed culture fermentation philosophy, old and new world techniques, and troubleshooting.

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Modern and Efficient Yeast Management

Presented in association with VLB. Deniz Bilge describes the influences of yeast performance on fermentation. Why is “happy” yeast necessary for brewer success? He’ll cover topics including modern yeast propagation strategies and yeast storage.

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National Guilds Gathering, Part Two: Guild Development

Participation in guild seminars is strictly limited to guild directors and leadership only. A roundtable dialogue for brewers guild leaders and BA staff on best practices for developing and maturing the national community of non-profit …More

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Practical Yeast Care

A guide to practical care, harvest and storage of yeast for the small brewer.

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Production Managers Panel

A panel with five production managers from varying sized breweries will discuss different aspects of day-to-day production. An opportunity to share best practices and talk shop.

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Keg and Valve Maintenance and Repair

Learn proper and safe procedures for keg and valve maintenance along with tips on machine maintenance that can help prolong the life of your equipment.

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