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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Craft Malting and the Rebel Alliance

Experts discuss the revolutionary power of craft malting and small-scale barley farming. Over the last 100 years, breweries have moved away from malting their own barley to buying a small number of barley varieties from …More

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Exporting Your Beer to Korea

A discussion of export opportunities in Korea, this seminar is a must-attend for any company that is currently in the market or contemplating business in Korea.

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Self Distribution: Temporary or Long-Term Solution?

This seminar will outline some of the benefits and drawbacks of self distribution beyond a brewery’s initial opening. Should you distribute your own brand, and possibly other brands as well? Explore different scenarios in this …More

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Fruit Refermentation in a Production Brewery

This presentation will cover case studies, fermentation techniques, cellar practices, and troubleshooting tips for dealing with fruit refermentation in a production brewery.

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CIP: Latest Technologies, Typical Errors, and CIP Process Assurance

Clean-in-place (CIP) and other cleaning strategies can be challenging. However, a consistent, proper, and professional hygiene regime is important to producing quality beer. The choice of detergents as well as understanding cleaning kinetics is key. …More

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Selling Your Craft Beers in Norway through the AS VINMONOPOLET

A discussion of export opportunities in Norway through the AS VINMONOPOLET, the government-owned alcoholic beverage retailer and the only company allowed to sell beverages containing an alcohol content higher than 4.75 percent in Norway.

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Basic Microbiology for Small Breweries

This seminar will discuss how to institute basic microbiology practices in a brewery, including how to identify an infection in your brewery and address it.

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Today’s Numbers Are Tomorrow’s Sales

Plenty of sales data is available in the beer business; the question is how to make sense of all the numbers. Where do they come from? What do they mean? How do they impact your …More

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Going Hopless: Brewing Gruit Ales

International Gruit Day founder Steve Beauchesne will moderate a panel of some of the brewing world’s foremost experts on gruit—beer brewed with herbs, spices, and other botanicals in place of hops. The panelists will explain …More

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