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Practical Yeast Care

A guide to practical care, harvest and storage of yeast for the small brewer.

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Production Managers Panel

A panel with five production managers from varying sized breweries will discuss different aspects of day-to-day production. An opportunity to share best practices and talk shop.

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Quality Filling Concepts

Presented in association with VLB. In this seminar, Deniz Bilge will cover reducing oxygen pickup during filling, how to improve consistency in chemical technical parameters like CO2, alcohol and gravity, and best practices for packaging …More

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Sour Beers: It’s More Than Just pH

When producing sour beers, a brewer typically measures the tartness of the beer by looking at the pH. Unfortunately, pH isn’t a great indicator of what the consumer is actually tasting. In this presentation, we …More

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Stainless Steel 201

This seminar will treat stainless steel like a brewing raw material. Presenter Ashton Lewis addresses the basics of what defines a steel as stainless, the various types and specifications of stainless alloys used in breweries, …More

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Maintaining Flagship Brands

From developing a long-lasting flagship to balancing two leading brands, these panelists will discuss their experiences with managing and marketing flagship brands.

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