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Trademark Law 101 for Breweries

The past few years have seen unprecedented growth in the craft beer industry, and a corresponding rise in the number of trademark disputes. Both new and existing breweries have to be careful in adopting and …More

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Troubleshooting Panel

John Harris returns with his panel to discuss problems in the brewhouse. Bring your troubleshooting questions or simply listen in to learn from their experience.

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What Brewers Need to Know and Why

With few brewers on staff to assure continued innovation and excellence, each employee in a craft brewery needs a firm grasp of brewing science and engineering. Presenter Michael Lewis explains why.

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Wort: The Root of Good Beer

Wort is a Middle English term for a root. Therefore, the meaning of the word is consistent with wort’s role as the basis of a good beer. This talk covers practical ways to control the …More

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Zen and the Art of Brewpub Management

If you ask established brewpub operators, “What’s the hardest part of your job?” many respond unequivocally with “managing staff.” By paying attention to a few guiding principles, you can take the stress out of managing …More

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Production Managers Panel

This panel includes five production managers from breweries of various sizes discussing different aspects of day-to-day production. This seminar is a great opportunity to share best practices.

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