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The Littlest QA Lab

Doing QA in a small brewery is a balance of what’s good and what’s good enough. This seminar covers 10 things you really should be doing and how to do them in a cost-effective way.

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TTB Label and Formula Submission Guidance

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is responsible for the regulation and taxation of alcohol beverage products for revenue collection and consumer protection purposes. In that capacity, TTB reviews labels and formulas …More

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Media Training Bootcamp

A media interview can have a significant impact on your brand. Why leave such an important opportunity to chance? This interactive session provides strategies and tools to maximize media opportunities for your brand. The media-savvy …More

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Brewery Building Basics

This seminar covers the key points to keep in mind when planning the design and build of a brewery or brewpub.

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Crib Notes on the Brewers Association Craft Beer Program

The Brewers Association offers many ways to get the word out about your brewery. This seminar summarizes the BA’s Craft Beer Program and its efforts and projects on behalf of craft brewers. Sit in to …More

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Trademark Law 101 for Breweries

The past few years have seen unprecedented growth in the craft beer industry, and a corresponding rise in the number of trademark disputes. Both new and existing breweries have to be careful in adopting and …More

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