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Crib Notes on the Brewers Association Craft Beer Program

The Brewers Association offers many ways to get the word out about your brewery. This seminar summarizes the BA’s Craft Beer Program and its efforts and projects on behalf of craft brewers. Sit in to …More

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Trademark Law 101 for Breweries

The past few years have seen unprecedented growth in the craft beer industry, and a corresponding rise in the number of trademark disputes. Both new and existing breweries have to be careful in adopting and …More

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Top 10 Legal Mistakes Start-Up Breweries Make

This seminar identifies the major areas where start-up breweries may encounter legal issues if they aren’t aware of the hazards.

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Getting the Most Brewery for Your Buck

When building a brewery in a brewpub, there are a lot of decisions to be made and pitfalls to avoid. Brian walks you through the design, purchase and installation of a production-ready brewpub brewery with …More

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How We Approached Opening Our Brewery: The Non-Brewing Stuff

Brewing the beer is the easy part; what about brewhouse size, distribution, financing and having a well-rounded plan? Adam considers these and other non-brewing aspects of opening a brewery in this seminar.

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Build a Culture Around Sustainability

Every brewery’s first steps on the journey towards sustainability start with the efforts of individual staff members. Learn how industry leaders in brewery sustainable practices enlighten and motivate their employees to exercise values that will …More

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