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Maintaining Flagship Brands

From developing a long-lasting flagship to balancing two leading brands, these panelists will discuss their experiences with managing and marketing flagship brands.

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Merchandise and POS to Build Your Brand

Presenters will discuss strategies to make sure the brewery merchandise and POS that you are buying is doing the most it can for your brand, as well as what to buy, where to buy it …More

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DIY Beer Fest: Staging a Kickass Beer Event

Beer festivals are an excellent way to promote your brand, gain exposure and create ongoing relationships with customers. So why do breweries wait for someone else to do this for them? Our panelists have been …More

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Employment Law for Brewery Managers

This seminar is presented to raise awareness of employment issues facing the brewing industry and to provide some helpful tips on how to address these items up front in an effort to avoid costly legal …More

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The Return of the Gourdians

Buhler and Jones present another action-packed, standing-room-only, music-powered seminar on the essentials of brewery promotion.

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Respectful and Distinct Branding

This seminar focuses on how unique branding is good for business and provides some ideas of how to identify and resolve branding conflicts in a manner that allows craft brewers to retain our sense of …More

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