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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Brewing Cycle Improvements to Increase Output

Brewers strive to reduce brewing cycle time and increase the number of quality brews per day. Graham will demonstrate how to identify pinch points in your brewing process and address them with process adjustments, equipment …More

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Budgeting and Managing Brewhouse Raw Materials

Outside of salaries, brewhouse materials are the most expensive cost associated with making beer. Recognizing the cost drivers in the brewhouse is important to having a complete understanding of your brewery’s profitability. This presentation will …More

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Design & Safety Considerations for Grain Handling Systems

Designing efficient, safe, and scalable grain handling systems up front is critical to long-term success in craft brewing today. This includes determining incoming grain strategies (bulk, semi-bulk, bags), conveying types (screws, cable-disc, cable-chain, bucket elevator, …More

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How We Grew While Maintaining Our Culture

In this panel discussion, Scott Newman-Bale of Shorts Brewing Company, Brad Dahlhofer of B. Nektar Meadery, Dennis Kramer-Wine of Rhinegeist Brewery, and Adam Benner of Land Grant Brewing Company will be joined by moderator Joe …More

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Production Management from 5,000-15,000 bbls: A Fact-Based Approach

Grow and scale your production capabilities from 5,000 to 15,000 bbls through equipment, inventory, and personnel management. Utilize new technologies, key performance indicators, and data metrics to achieve scalable production growth and expand people, product, …More

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CIP: Latest Technologies, Typical Errors, and CIP Process Assurance

Clean-in-place (CIP) and other cleaning strategies can be challenging. However, a consistent, proper, and professional hygiene regime is important to producing quality beer. The choice of detergents as well as understanding cleaning kinetics is key. …More

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Creative Maintenance Logistics

Equipment maintenance in breweries often can be poorly managed and reactionary. This seminar will present simple maintenance management tactics useful to breweries of all sizes. These tactics will help prevent unnecessary loss and costly shutdowns …More

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Decoction Mashing: History and Modern Uses

Due to high quality malt production, decoction mashing is less common in modern beer production. However, craft breweries are often faced with different challenges that may be solved through a decoction mashing procedure. Theory and …More

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