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The Economics of Craft Beer Festivals

BA Staff Economist Bart Watson kicks off this seminar with an introduction to the recently published economic impact studies. Jeff Dense then dives into the heart of the seminar, exploring the political economy of craft …More

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Strategic Long-Term Planning for Guilds

Participation in guild seminars is strictly limited to guild directors and board members only. This seminar involves long-range planning for state guilds.

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A Fireside Chat with the National Restaurant Association

Learn more about the largest foodservice trade association in the world, what NRA’s government affairs priorities are and the role craft beer is playing in helping their members succeed.

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Advancing Interests in State Legislatures

In this seminarÑexclusively for state brewers guild staff and officers–Colorado Brewers Guild veteran John Carlson discusses working with legislators, lobbyists and beer wholesaler executives to advance the interests of brewers at the state level.

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Carve Outs-Looking to Traditional Franchising for Guidance

Barry and Bryan examine how terminations are handled in the traditional franchise context producing evidence in support of the argument that the time is now for small brewer carve outs.

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Fundamentals of State Brewers Guild Operations

With a dozen new guilds formed in recent years, many guild leaders are looking for insight into the basics of managing their associations. Guild leaders are invited to join us for resource sharing and discussions …More

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