Presentations: 'hops'

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Presentations from past Craft Brewers Conference seminars including brewery and brewpub operations, packaging, brewing ingredients sustainability and more.

Best Practices for Hop Quality, Sustainability, and Food Safety

From farm to kettle, best practices programs provide a framework to ensure consistent standards and traceability to deliver reliable, premium quality hops to brewers. Excellent third-party audited programs are available to growers in the Pacific …More

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Unintended Over-Attenuation from Dry Hopping Beers

An unintended and often unreported consequence of dry hopping is the increase in real extract derived from hops and subsequent refermentation. This can result in over-attenuation, leading to potentially dangerous overcarbonation in packaged beer, particularly …More

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Going Hopless: Brewing Gruit Ales

International Gruit Day founder Steve Beauchesne will moderate a panel of some of the brewing world’s foremost experts on gruit—beer brewed with herbs, spices, and other botanicals in place of hops. The panelists will explain …More

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Using Hops More Efficiently: Grower and Brewer Perspectives

Craft brewer demand for hops is pushing the U.S. hop industry beyond its capacity. Land and infrastructure for additional hop production are very capital-intensive and time-consuming to develop. With these constraints in mind, how can …More

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Sustainability on the Hop Farm

Understanding the state of the hop market and the implications of growing and sourcing sustainably produced hops is an important part of sustainability for breweries. A panel of experts will discuss these issues.

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Trace Metals in Brewing

In this seminar, Ruth Martin discusses how raw materials such as malt, sugars and hops can introduce trace metals and other minerals into wort and beer. She will also cover the impact of trace metals …More

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Cascade Hops: Quality and Consistency from Field to Brewery

The development, high-quality and consistency of aroma and flavor imparted by hops are critical aspects of brewing high quality beer. Two global experts on hops pathology and chemistry will take turns discussing current knowledge and …More

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