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TTB Label and Formula Submission Guidance

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is responsible for the regulation and taxation of alcohol beverage products for revenue collection and consumer protection purposes. In that capacity, TTB reviews labels and formulas …More

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Wastewater Panel

Despite significant improvement over the last 20 years, water consumption and wastewater disposal remain environmental and economic hurdles that directly affect breweries and the brewing process. In this seminar a panel of experts will provide …More

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We Picked A Wholesaler. Now What?

A session for breweries that have picked a wholesaler. Seminar covers next steps and what breweries need to think about to get things rolling.

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What Bars (and Bartenders) Know About Your Beer

Ray Daniels shares some of the insights gained by the Cicerone program through years of testing bartenders and beverage managers on their beer knowledge.

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Supply Chain Management for Craft Brewers

An overview of supply chain theory with emphasis on production planning, forecasting and inventory management. Specific topics include seasonal transition, dunnage management and trucking logistics.

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Sustainability Benchmarking

The BA sustainability subcommittee initiated the benchmarking of key performance indicators for utility usage and cost, and the initial results were presented at CBC 2014. This seminar presents the results of an expanded benchmarking dataset …More

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