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State of the Craft Brewing Industry

The landscape for small and independent craft breweries is always evolving. Brewers Association Director Paul Gatza and Chief Economist Bart Watson address the changing industry in the annual State of the Craft Brewing Industry presentation at …More

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Exporting Your Beer to France

A discussion of the export opportunities in France for American breweries.

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Best Practices for Hop Quality, Sustainability, and Food Safety

From farm to kettle, best practices programs provide a framework to ensure consistent standards and traceability to deliver reliable, premium quality hops to brewers. Excellent third-party audited programs are available to growers in the Pacific …More

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The Truth About Diacetyl

During every beer fermentation, a countless array of flavor byproducts is produced. Most of these compounds add to the character and complexity of the beer, but some can be considered off-flavors. One of these offenders …More

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Brewers and Wholesalers: Shaping Future Partnerships

This panel will examine the relationships between wholesalers and brewers. It will identify current best practices and areas of aligned interests that can strengthen future relationships. Issues include distributor consolidation, the supply of distribution services, …More

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