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Beer and Food Boot Camp for Brewpubs and Brewery Restaurants

You’ve brewed the beer, but there is much more to successfully operating a brewpub or brewery restaurant. Join the discussion as a group of experts guides you through running a sustainable business model, including managing …More

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How to Avoid the Most Common OSHA Citations in Breweries

OSHA is becoming more aggressive in setting and enforcing new safety and health requirements. To help craft brewers improve safety and reduce the risk of being inspected by OSHA, this session will cover the most …More

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Brewpub Sustainability

Don’t leave money on the table! This seminar is focused on the small things that are greater than their sum when it comes to brewing sustainably, running a restaurant sustainably, and thus keeping the business …More

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Sampling and Ventilating Confined Space in Breweries

Properly sampling and ventilating the air in confined spaces in breweries is critical for worker safety. This seminar will demonstrate the use of gas detectors, discuss effective ventilation techniques, and explain how to correctly document …More

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Innovation in Sustainability

Each brewery faces its unique challenges. In this seminar, listen to stories of how these brewers overcame challenges with varied approaches to sustainability. This seminar will also provide the opportunity to problem-solve some of your …More

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Crafting Your Brand

This session is designed to help you build and communicate a strong brand. Learn the framework through a case study of a Minnesota gastro-brewery, then learn how to apply these strategies to your own brand …More

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