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State of the Craft Brewing Industry

The landscape for small and independent craft breweries is always evolving. Brewers Association Director Paul Gatza and Chief Economist Bart Watson address the changing industry in the annual State of the Craft Brewing Industry presentation at …More

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Benchmarking and Dashboard Sustainability Resources for Brewers

The first Brewers Association sustainability benchmarking report and on-line sustainability benchmarking tools were released in late 2016. This seminar presents case studies from several brewers that are using the on-line tools to reduce costs and …More

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Expanding Your Footprint: Do it Right the First Time

This session provides objective guidance through the process of expanding your current distribution footprint, from self-distribution to selecting a distributor network out of state. Learn how to make a good first impression on the new …More

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Your Brand Stinks (But Don’t Change a Thing!)

In real estate, they say the three most important things are location, location, location. In branding, the three most important things are consistency, consistency, consistency. Learn what’s behind a strong visual brand and understand why …More

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Exporting Your Beer to France

A discussion of the export opportunities in France for American breweries.

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