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Seasonal Six Pack: Your Association. Your News. (Ep. 1)

Six Things You Should Know. Wondering what your trade association has been up to on your behalf? Get a quick rundown of recent Brewers Association news, member resources and activities in the first in a series of …More

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Seeking Feedback for 2018 Wholesaler of the Year Award

The Brewers Association (BA) Craft Beer Wholesaler of the Year award recognizes a U.S. wholesaler that is committed to selling and promoting beer from small and independent craft brewers. BA member brewery feedback will help the selection committee …More

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Now Available: The Business of Beer Issue of The New Brewer

For the January/February 2018 The New Brewer, we present the Business of Beer issue, focusing on the value of infrequent customers, unusual business models, exports, ESOPs, and satellite tasting rooms. We also take a closer …More

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Charlie Papazian’s Homebrew Spoon Arrives at Smithsonian

Artifacts from the “Father of Homebrewing” added to National Museum of American History Before the holidays got underway, Brewers Association staff and guests gathered at the Boulder, Colo., office for a celebratory send-off of an old …More

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