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Now Accepting Proposals for Draught Line Cleaning Study

The Brewers Association (BA) is currently accepting proposals from vendors to conduct a project that will create a deeper understanding of draught beer line soiling and validate or disprove current draught line cleaning recommendations found in …More

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Brewers Association Quality Subcommittee Expands

The Brewers Association (BA) quality subcommittee has recently expanded with the addition of three new members—Lindsay Barr, Robert Christiansen and Patrick Jansen. Lindsay Barr is sensory specialist at New Belgium Brewing Company and is active in the brewing …More

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Chris Swersey Moves to Supply Chain Specialist Role

In 2014, the Brewers Association (BA) Board of Directors published six strategic objectives, the first being “Promote access to raw materials and markets.” Subsequently, during a July 2015 strategic planning summit, the BA technical committee …More

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Safety Subcommittee Expands

The Brewers Association (BA) safety subcommittee has recently added two new members–Corey Parker of Left Hand Brewing Company and Mike Owens of FormPak Inc. Corey Parker is a professional health and life safety coordinator who has …More

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Improve the Quality of Your Draught Beer at Retail

The agenda for the 5th Annual Draught Beer Quality Workshop at the Great American Beer Festival® has been announced. The workshop will benefit anyone in the beer industry with a stake in delivering high quality draught beer. …More

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