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Brewery Safety First – Hazard Assessment Principles

The Brewers Association recently published Hazard Assessment Principles, a guideline for best management practices when developing and improving brewery safety programs, standard operating procedures and worker safety compliance in the brewery. Hazard assessment is the basic …More

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Public Hop Breeding Program Moves Forward

The Brewers Association (BA) has announced the execution of a subaward designating the site for the public hop breeding program they are funding. The subaward between the United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) …More

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2018 Brewers Association Award Recipients

Since 1987, the Brewers Association has recognized individuals who inspire, defend and innovate within the craft brewing industry to an exceptional degree. These individuals, nominated by their peers, are presented with awards during the general …More

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Over 4,000 Kegs Returned to Brewers Association Members

As the brewing community has grown, so has the number of lost kegs that have arrived at MicroStar’s quality services facility in Green Bay, Wis. Earlier this year, Brewers Association financed a limited time offer …More

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No Barley, No Beer

On March 4, a group of barley industry stakeholders gathered in support of one of beer’s key ingredients. Brewers Association (BA) Supply Chain Specialist Chris Swersey, Technical Brewing Projects Manager Chuck Skypeck and Technical Brewing …More

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Brewers Association Names Ian Hughes as Sustainability Ambassador

The Brewers Association (BA) has announced that Ian Hughes will fill the newly created position of sustainability ambassador. Hughes will work in conjunction with Quality Ambassador Neil Witte and Safety Ambassador Matt Stinchfield to bring …More

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