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Be Prepared – Guidance on Voluntary Market Withdrawals and Recalls

The BA Quality Subcommittee has produced guidance that will help brewers understand the various types of market withdrawals and recalls, as well as the legal obligations and preparation involved in executing a voluntary market withdrawal or recall.

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Emergency Preparedness and Natural Disasters

With Hurricane Florence on the horizon, the Safety Subcommittee would like to share some "Lessons Learned" to help you prepare your brewery for natural disasters and other emergencies.

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Safety Track Presentations Now Available to All

26 safety track presentations from past Craft Brewers Conferences are now available to both members and non-members on the Brewers Association (BA) website.

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Draught Beer Basics: Four Keys to Excellent Beer Service

Beer tastes best when handled, stored and dispensed correctly, according to these four steps: Four Steps for Excellent Beer Service 1 Store kegs upright and cold, between 34-38 degrees F at least 24-hours before tapping. 2 Dispense draught beer through …More

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Frequently asked Questions about the Food Safety Modernization Act

The Brewers Association (BA), in collaboration with the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) has published Brewers’ Responsibilities and Obligations under the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Using a “frequently asked questions” format, the …More

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