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New Safety Resource Addresses Use of Powered Industrial Trucks

The Brewers Association (BA) has released a new resource developed by the safety subcommittee. Best Practices for the Management of Powered Industrial Trucks provides a helpful, consistent guideline for brewers to use when developing their …More

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New Subcommittee to Provide Engineering Resources

The Brewers Association (BA) is pleased to announce the formation of the new engineering subcommittee. It will join the five other technical subcommittees working to fulfill the mission, priorities and goals of the technical committee. The …More

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Chris Bogdanoff Joins BA Safety Subcommittee

The Brewers Association is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Bogdanoff of Anaheim Brewery to the Safety Subcommittee. Chris Bogdanoff is a diploma brewer from American Brewers Guild and certified draft technician from MicroMatic. …More

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Report Your Hop Usage

Your participation is needed in the 2016 Brewers Association Hop Survey. Survey closes Monday, September 5th. Each year since 2007, the BA has provided aggregate craft brewer hop usage data to hop growers at their annual …More

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Michigan State University Opens Malting Barley Quality Lab

In July, Michigan State University opened a Malting Barley Quality Lab designed to serve malting barley producers and processors in reemerging markets. The new facility seeks to provide quality testing for the growing number of …More

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