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Hawaii Tax Rate Bill Moves to Senate

Passing initial Senate committee consideration after passing the full House, H.B. 2726 provides a reduced beer tax rate for small craft producer pubs of 35 cents per wine gallon. The bill also seeks to amend the definition of “cooler …Read More

KY Direct Shipping Bill Becomes Law

Becoming law without the Governor’s signature, H.B. 415 establishes a direct shipper license authorizing shipment of alcoholic beverages to consumers in Kentucky. A manufacturer authorized to manufacture alcoholic beverages in or outside Kentucky or a licensed alcoholic beverage supplier would …Read More

Beer Transfer Bill Intro’d in LA

H.B. 336 would allow an entity operating multiple brewing facilities located in the state to transfer bonded beer between the entity’s permitted facilities. Read More

Louisiana Brewery Event Legislation Debuted

House Bill 564 seeks to authorize brewers to host up to thirty private events at the brewing facility and provides certain restrictions for such events. Read More

MD Looks at Production / Distribution Changes

Passing the Senate, S.B. 839 seeks to repeal specified manufacturer’s permits and establishes a manufacturer off-site permit and a brewery special event permit. The bill authorizes a Class 8 farm brewery license to sell beer produced by the license holder …Read More

MA Franchise Bill Emerges from Committee

Reported from committee, House Bill 327 seeks to allow small brewers (defined as under 6 million barrels) to terminate a distributor without cause and with less than the current 120-day notice (the notice provision is tiered based on sales: 30 …Read More

Proposed MA Franchise Amendment Claers Committee

Clearing committee, H.B. 3549 would allow an “emerging brewery” to, without good cause shown, terminate the right to distribute any brands of malt beverages for any licensed wholesaler to whom such emerging brewery has made regular sales of such brands …Read More

Farmer Brewery Bill Intro’d in MA

Senate Bill 461 seeks to expand the sale of products by farmer breweries. Read More

Brewer Licensng Bill signed by MI Governor

Signed by the Governor, S.B. 711 provides for a limited production manufacturer license that would allow for the limited production of beer, allow the licensee to purchase beer from a different brewer or micro brewer and modify that beer, allow …Read More

Brewery Off-Sales Expansion Considered in MN

S.B. 4074 seeks to expand the ability of breweries to engage in off-sales and adds exclusive liquor stores to those allowed to refill growlers. Read More

Displaying results 41-50 of 1986

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