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OK Branch Bill Passes Senate

Passing the Senate, Senate Joint Resolution 68, among other provisions, would prohibit any common ownership between the manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing tiers. The bill stipulates that a brewery may, following adoption of this provision, maintain …More

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NY Farm Brewery Sales Expansion Advances

Passing the Senate, Senate Bill 5707 authorizes farm brewery licensees to sell wine and spirits manufactured by the licensee or a licensed farm winery or distillery.

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Mississippi Trade Practice Bill Stalls

Failing to advance from committee, H.B. 1424 sought to make it unlawful for retailers to accept certain things of value if paid for by a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor.

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Sales Tax Exemption Proposed in New York

A.B. 8706 seeks to amend the tax law to provide wine, beer, cider, and liquor tastings by a licensed producer to be exempt from the sales and compensating use tax.

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