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Virginia Sales Tax Exemption Bill Advances

Passing both chambers of the legislature, House Bill 859 provides sales and use tax exemption for machinery, tools, equipment and materials used by licensed brewers in the production of beer and materials such as labels …More

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WY Governor Signs Homebrew Bill

Signed by the Governor, Senate Bill 62 loosens restrictions on allowing homebrew at beer festivals and provides exemptions from certain penalties.

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Brewery On-Site Sales Proposed in RI

Senate Bill 2382 would permit holders of a manufacturer’s license to sell at retail alcoholic beverages manufactured on their location for on-site and off-site consumption.

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MS Satellite Location Bill Dies

Failing to pass committee, House Bill 1392 sought to allow any manufacturer of beer with a maximum capacity of two hundred thousand barrels annually to own and operate a brewpub within the same municipality as …More

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Off-Premises Sales Bill Advances in Indiana

Passing both chambers of the legislature, S.B. 169 allows certain restaurants to sell beer for off-premises consumption if the permit holder also has a permit for a microbrewery that is adjacent to or at the …More

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