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Kentucky Alcohol Reform Legislation Advances

Among a host of provisions, Senate Bill 11 seeks to increase the annual production limit for microbreweries from 25,000 barrels to 50,000 barrels and would authorize microbreweries to sell their products by the drink or …More

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Maryland On-Site Sales Bill

House Bill 1239 seeks to increase the annual amount of beer that a Class 5 brewery licensee may sell for on-premises consumption from 500 barrels to 1,500 barrels.

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VA Beer Corkage Fee Signed into Law

Signed into law by the Governor, House Bill 706 allows restaurants to charge a corkage fee for beer and cider (such fees are already allowed for wine) consumed on their premises.

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Education Exception at RetailAdvances in Washington

Passing the House and under Senate consideration, House Bill 2342 would allow domestic breweries, microbreweries, and beer certificate-of-approval holders to perform personal services to beer and/or wine specialty shop licensees (e.g. services to inform, educate, …More

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Arizona Sampling Laws Bill

H.B. 2182 strikes the requirement that a beer and wine store be 5,000 square feet in area in order to be eligible for sampling privileges.

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New Mexico Growler Sales Expansion Advances

Passing both legislative chambers, Senate Bill 163 would permit liquor license holders with package rights (rights to sell by the bottle for off-premise consumption) to fill and sell growlers of beer.

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Sales and Transfer Abilities Bill Fails in Maine

Failing to advance from committee, S.B. 563 sought to allow a manufacturer of spirits, wine or malt liquor with a retail license to sell its products for off premises consumption without the licensed premises being …More

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