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On December 20, 2017, Congress passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Learn more about how this bill could affect your brewery.

Retail Dispaly Modifications Sought in Missouri

House Bill 634 addresses the ability to provide retailers with non-refrigeration dispensing equipment and seeks to increase dollar limits relating to retail displays and advertising. Currently, a distiller, wholesaler, winemaker, or brewer may give or …More

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New York Considers Lower BAC

A.B. 3208 seeks to lower the blood alcohol concentration required for driving while intoxicated from .08 to .05, and for aggravated driving while intoxicated from .18 to .12.

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Franchise Bill Intro’d in Maryland

Senate Bill 704 seeks to add a statutory provision allowing a “small franchisor” (a beer manufacturer that produces 300,000 barrels or less annually and accounts for 10% or less of a “franchisee’s” (i.e. distributor’s) total …More

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Maryland Brewery Modernization Act Proposed

Senate Bill 801, the Brewery Modernization Act of 2019, seeks to increase the taproom sales limit to 5,000 barrels for both class 5 and 7 breweries with no required buyback provision and codifies the right …More

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Massachusetts Franchise Bill Filed

Senate Docket 1434 seeks to allow small brewers (defined as under 6 million barrels) to terminate a distributor without cause and with less than the current 120-day notice (the notice provision is tiered based on …More

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Montana Taproom Hours Bill Stalls

Tabled in committee, House Bill 185 seeks to allow small brewery licensee on-site taprooms the ability to sell for an additional two hours until 10:00 p.m.

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