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Current Issues

See the latest national and state-level government affairs issues including news and announcements from the Brewers Association and members of the House and Senate Small Brewers Caucus.

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New Vermont Law Legalizes Sampler Flights

Signed into law, Senate Bill 299, among other provisions, legalize sampler flights of malt beverages, vinous beverages, and spirituous liquors and prohibits the possession and sale of powdered alcohol. Read More

New Missouri Law Expands Beer Packaging Options

Signed into law by the Governor, Senate Bill 689 expands the types of packages in which malt liquor may be sold to include single bottles, cans and pouches of beer. Read More

Tennesee Governor Signs Law That Redefines High Alcohol Content Beer

Signed into law by the Governor, S.B. 289 redefines “high alcohol content beer” from one containing more than 5 percent alcohol by weight to one containing more than 8 percent by weight and adds a tax of $100 per annum …Read More

Craft-friendly Legislation Passes Both NY Legislative Chambers

A.B. 10122, legislation codifying recommendations arising from Governor Cuomo’s Wine, Beer, Spirits, and Cider Summit held earlier this year, has passed both legislative chambers. The measure ensures the state’s continued support of the growing craft beverage industry by cutting burdensome …Read More

California Legislation Would Allow the Return of Beer with Product Quality Issues

Clearing Senate committee consideration, A.B. 2010 adds beer that a brewer considers to have “product quality” issues to the list of conditions under which beer may be returned to a wholesaler or manufacturer. In addition, AB 2010 repeals an existing …Read More

Arkansas ABC Issues Retail Growler Endorsement

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration has issued a growler endorsement for retail beer permit holders. Read More

Legislation Seeks to Allow the Sale of Beer at Farmers Markets

As in amended in Senate committee, California Craft Brewers Association-sponsored A.B. 2004 seeks to allow a beer manufacturer to sell packaged beer at a farmers market (with certain restrictions) and allows for wine to be served at a private event …Read More

Maryland Governor Signs Self-Distribution Bill

Signed into law by the Governor, House Bill 132 authorizes a holder of a Class 7 limited beer wholesaler’s license or of a nonresident brewery permit to sell or deliver its own beer to a county liquor dispensary, a restaurant, …Read More

Governor Approves Distribution Bill for Maryland Farm Breweries

Approved by the Governor, House Bill 356 authorizes a holder of a Class 8 farm brewery license to enter into a written temporary delivery agreement with a distributor for the delivery and return of beer to a beer festival or …Read More

Bill Intended to Help Prevent Keg Theft Passes California Assembly

Passing the full Assembly and an initial Senate committee, A.B. 2203 provides for specified labeling requirements for containers of alcoholic beverages sold within this state and prohibits the obliteration, mutilation, or marking out of a manufacturer’s name on returnable beer …Read More

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