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Current Issues

See the latest national and state-level government affairs issues including news and announcements from the Brewers Association and members of the House and Senate Small Brewers Caucus.

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Bill Mandates Beer “Warehousing” in South Carolina

H.B. 3450 stipulates that a beer wholesaler shall not deliver beer to a retail beer and wine permit holder unless the beer has been received, unloaded, and stored or warehoused at its licensed premises. Read More

Legislation Provides for On- and Off-Premises Consumptionin Georgia

Amended in committee and passed, Senate Bill 63 now allows breweries to provide up to 36 ounces (previously 72) for on-premise consumption and up to 64 ounces (previously 144) in a single container for off-premise consumption per day from the …Read More

NH Manufacturer Retail Sales Bill Moves

Passing committee, H.B. 429 calls for reviving the commission to review and consider alcoholic beverage manufacturing processes and retail sales at manufacturing facilities. Read More

Spirits Direct Sales Legal in South Dakota

Signed into law by the Governor, House Bill 1004 would authorize the direct sale of distilled spirits from artisan distillers to retailers and wholesalers. Read More

Hawaii Growler Bills Derailed

Each bill being deferred at the committee level, House Bill 217 and Senate Bill 221 sought to permit the liquor commission to allow a restaurant licensee to sell malt beverages manufactured on the restaurant premises in brewery-sealed kegs and growlers …Read More

New Hampshire Refillable Container Bill

Passing committee, House Bill 554 authorizes the sale of beer in refillable containers. Read More

TN Bills Seek to Prohibit Cross-Tier Interests

Companions House Bill 543 and Senate Bill 426 seek to prohibit, with limited exceptions, a brewer from holding a financial or ownership interest in either a wholesaler or retailer and a wholesaler from holding a financial or ownership interest in …Read More

Bill Seeks to Expand Direct Sales Privileges in Hawaii

Both bills passing their respective chambers, Senate Bill 1151 and House Bill 770 authorize brewpubs and small craft producer pubs with a liquor license to sell for off-premises consumption malt beverages purchased from another liquor licensee and authorizes restaurants and …Read More

Sample Sales Legislation in New Hampshire

Amended in committee, Senate Bill 216 authorizes sales of samples of alcoholic beverages by manufacturers. Samples sold by beverage manufacturers would be for on-premises consumption. Read More

Limited Retail Abilities Proposed in Tennessee

Companion legislation H.B. 605 and S.B. 640 authorize a beer manufacturer operating as a retailer to sell beer directly to another retailer if located in the same county and allows a beer manufacturer to operate as a retailer at the …Read More

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Pete Johnson serves as the State & Regulatory Affairs Manager for the Brewers Association. He joined the BA at its inception in 2005, having previously worked as Programs Director for the Brewers Association of America. Before coming to the small brewing industry in 2001, Pete worked for 14 years with both state and federal elected officials in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

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