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On December 20, 2017, Congress passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Learn more about how this bill could affect your brewery.

Changes to Hawaii Draft Beer Regs Negotiated

Now the subject of a House-Senate conference, Senate Bill 772 seek to repeal the requirement that there be attached a clear and legible notice, placard, or marker upon the faucet, spigot, or outlet wherefrom the …More

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Brewery Modernization intro’d in Alabama

H.B. 151 seeks to: define “small manufacturer” as a manufacturer that sells, on an annual basis, no more than 250,000 barrels of beer, 100,000 gallons of table wine, or 50,000 proof gallons of liquor, and …More

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Arkansas Homebrew Bill Signed

Signed into law, House Bill 1877 authorizes a manufacturer of home-brewed beer to remove home-brewed beer from the manufacturer’s premises for personal or family use, including organized affairs, exhibitions, competitions, and tastings.

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CA Glassware Giveaway Legislation Considered

Passing initial committee consideration, A.B. 1133 seeks to allow a beer manufacturer, without direct or indirect charge, to give up to five cases of retail advertising glassware to an on-sale retail licensee, per license location, …More

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Minimum Production Bill Advances in CA Senate

Awaiting a full Senate vote, Senate Bill 21 seeks to lower the required minimum brewing production of a brewpub-restaurant licensee from 200 barrels per year to 100 barrels per year.

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CA Beer Definition Bill Passes Assembly

Passing the Assembly, A.B. 205 seeks to revise the definition of beer to also provide that beer that includes honey, fruit, fruit juice, fruit concentrate, herbs, spices, or other food materials, as adjuncts in …More

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