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MS Satellite Location Bill Dies

Failing to pass committee, House Bill 1392 sought to allow any manufacturer of beer with a maximum capacity of two hundred thousand barrels annually to own and operate a brewpub within the same municipality as …More

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Brewery Sales Bill Fails in Mississippi

Dying in committee, House Bill 846 sought to allow small craft breweries (defined as those producing 225,000 barrels or less annually) to: sell up to 2,000 barrels or 10% of production (whichever is greater) for …More

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Mississippi Trade Practice Bill Stalls

Failing to advance from committee, H.B. 1424 sought to make it unlawful for retailers to accept certain things of value if paid for by a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor.

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Tax on Samples Clarified in MS

Senate Bill 2820 clarifies that the beer excise tax must be applied to beer provided on the premises of a brewery for the purpose of tasting or sampling and that the holder of a license …More

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